Warranty terms and conditions


Each article of IGM TRADING BV is manufactured with great care.

The first buyer has 2 years warranty according to European Directive 1999/44EG document 399L0044 on finish, part and material defects which are not due to natural wear or exceptionally intensive use.

(Reflective) Prints & decorations have a limited warranty of 6 months after purchase.

In the unlikely event that the product shows defects due to normal use, these will be repaired by IGM TRADING BV free of charge.

This can be a matter of replacement or repair: this will be judged by IGM TRADING BV and the manufacturer.

The purchase/invoice date is the starting date for the guarantee.

If warranty applies, depending on the nature of the fault, age and condition of the item, it will be repaired, replaced and/or returned with depreciation.

Warranty conditions:

If a complaint is unfounded, the costs incurred will be borne by the consumer.

If a complaint is justified, IGM TRADING BV will decide whether the item will be (partially) repaired or (partially) replaced or (partially) credited.

An article, which is returned for warranty assessment must be clean and dry. Among other things, damp/dirty clothing, boots and gloves, etc. will not be accepted.

An article must be returned complete, e.g. including membrane and thermal lining, boots or gloves as a pair.

A warranty form must be filled out separately for each item offered, stating the description and indication of the complaint.

No claim under the warranty can be made in the event of:

- damage caused by intent, gross negligence or omission

- Inexpert use or negligent maintenance

- normal wear and tear

- damage as a result of not or not correctly observing the instructions for use

- Damage caused by nature, people or animals are not covered by the warranty (such as lightning damage)

- if changes in or to the product have been made, including repairs that are not made with permission of IGM TRADING BV or the manufacturer.

- If the original invoice cannot be presented, has been changed or has been made illegible